For more than a year, the Earth has been covered with the novel coronavirus, and we humans are all trying to overcome common difficulties. Covid-19 is a warning that we should reconsider not only the disaster for humankind, but also the coexistence of humankind with other living things. It also highlighted the disparity and discrimination between humans.
Now is the time for the “Spirit of North” activity to understand each other’s situations and differences to elicit deeper spiritual resonance.

In this year’s project with Scottish artists, we are being hindered from “meeting in person” by Covid-19, and within that constraint we are trying to find a possible way of interacting.
Four Japanese artists who are closely related to Tohoku region and northern countries and four artists from Scotland, which is north of the UK, will form one-on-one pairs and continue communication for half a year. Beyond the distance between the eastern and western edges of the Eurasian continent, we try to find resonance between each other and reflect to art. The expression will show the result of communication that faces each other.

The exhibitions, which connects Scotland and Fukushima prefecture, will show the works of eight artists from both countries. Introducing the expressions of the artists who boldly take on the challenge of finding new ways to connect with the world, overcoming the hurdle of Covid-19.
As a highlight of the exchange, there are four events that connect venues in both countries or between the venue and the artist’s studio online.

Spirit of North: Confluence


Japan: MARUYAMA Yoshiko, TAKIZAWA Tatsushi, ASAI Mariko, MARUYAMA Tokio
Scotland: Su GRIERSON, Gillian Adair MCFARLAND, Kyra CLEGG, Inge PANNEELS

Outline of the project/

◆ June 1-27 / Spirit of North vol.11 / Perth Creative Exchange, Perth, Scotland

◆ September 4-11 / Spirit of North vol.12 / Gaada, Isle of Burra, Shetland, Scotland

◆ October 3-17 / Spirit of North vol.13 /
Murato Misegura, Minami-mach 2850, Ehon no kura, Nijuken-gura, Kitakata, Fukushima, Japan

◆ October 22-29 / Spirit of North vol.14 /
NishiAizu International Art Village, Nishiaizu, Fukushima, Japan

⇆ Exchange: Oct. 23- Nov.6 / Spirit of North vol.15 /
An Lanntair, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotlan

Venues : 4 in Kitakata/ 1 in Nishiaizu/ 3 in Scotland


“Spirit of North” in 2021 are cooperating each other with “Confluence of North” project in Scotland.



-We appreciate these support-
The Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences,  Asahi Shimbun Foundation