国際Zoomプレゼン 2回目 / International Zoom Presentation 2

(English follows below)


6月には、この交流活動のスタートである、パース市のThe Creative Exchangeでの展覧会を予定しています。果たしてロックダウンが解除されて開催を実現できるのか?観客に公開できない場合は、オンラインでの公開にするための準備も抜かりなく進めます。

8名の参加アーティスト / 8 artists

Eight participating artists from Japan and Scotland formed one-to-one pairs from both countries. We are continuing the exchange method of choice between the pair.
First, for getting to know each other, there are many ways to interact.
“Blog by Artists”, which introduces the interaction of each pair, has been opened on the top page of this site.  Each Japanese artists will write, soon.

On March 28th, we held a Zoom meeting of 8 artists and all of them reported on the progress of communication between the 4 pairs. The presentations were really diverse. Will people create a big imagination under the restrictions of behavior by Covid-19? There was also an unrealistic, fictional presentation that created a synergistic effect that stimulated each other.

In June, we are planning an exhibition at The Creative Exchange in Perth, which is the start of our project. Can the lockdown be released and the event be held? If our gallery cannot be published to the audience, we are also preparing to publish it online.

We will continue to prepare for the five exchange exhibitions that will be held intermittently until October, hoping for regular events.