tatsushiblog05 : From Gillian 2021,0725

Dear Ta,

I love your ideas and your blogs – they are full of poetry. I will watch them again.

I am just about to go to bed but will think on all you say and respond with a clear head in the morning.And I am in agreement with all you say and am moved by the Far Land.  I think your idea of the same but different exhibition  in far away places is very poignant. I also wonder if you could send me some seeds to take to Shetland…that I can sow there and get a friend to document them for us on some sort of ongoing blog too?

I have still some of winter past’s snow and frosted leaves in my freezer….   I am full of thoughts and will email you a proper response tomorrow. We have extreme heat, and thunder storms here now….

Dear Ta,

apologies for the delay in replying to your email. I have been moving studio this week and it is taking a lot of time to take my old studio apart – move it and set up in a new place. Also my sons are now on school holidays so I have to give them time too.

I am thinking I would like to make some paper from Cloud mushrooms and lichen (I will do this tomorrow…) Then i will make a Far Land book to send to your book warehouse.. I like the idea of things being remade for this place…

I am also wondering about making and sending you a mobile that will hang in the air and give a slow movement through the air…..?

Re Stornaway and Nishiaizu  I agree with you that we do the same exhibition and follow the eight things to do this. The plate looks good to me. I shall also try and make a plate – Do you have particular meanings associated to your name ? or something I can reference on your plate to do with your geography?

I wonder if we could both do a slow time lapse video on melting cloud ear’s in ice ….I think it would animate the passage of time well as well as global warming.

Your ideas are all really exciting. I will also try and do a blog this week. It is a nice open way to sketch out ideas.

Thankyou Tatsushi