yoshikoblog01: 共鳴 / Resonance

(English follows below)







芳子が観察したアゲハのサナギの抜け殻に、 カイラが反応して・・・





カイラは、風景をかたちづくる川や山、木や石などが内包している声「Other Voices」に耳をすまし、一方、私は、人間が生物のひとつとして、森羅万象の中に自らの在り方を探す作品をつくってきた。





Google Earthより借用


In 2013, I encountered Kyra Clegg’s work when Su Grierson, who was a guest artist of “Spirit of North” vol.1, introduced her works. I felt something in common between mine in Kyra’s expression.

Kyra and I made a pair in this project, we started e-mails for communicating with words and images introducing our ideas and artistic themes to each other, like an exchange diary.

In the international exchange of “Spirit of North”, this is the first attempt to have a one-on-one individual relationship like this.

We are trying to know each other in this way to make up for the situation where we cannot meet directly due to Covid-19. These circumstances have led to a deeper more intimate dialogue than if we had been able to meet face to face.

Kyra and I have common interests in the relationship between humans and “more than human”, and the relationship between humans and land/landscape.

Kyra listens to “Other Voices,” which are the rivers, mountains, trees, and stones that make up landscape, I search for what humans should be as one of the living things with “more than human.”

We will collaborate to create installations with a common theme in Japan and Scotland, which are located on the eastern and western edges of the Eurasian continent.

The two works will be created by our continual dialogue and should resonate from 9,100 km away from June to November at the exhibitions in five regions, Japan and Scotland.